Let your house

If you own a house and want to rent it out, you can use AirBnb or other services, or we recommend agencies like Villa in Umbria.


Often second-home owners want to rent out their house outside their own holidays. This can earn them a nice extra income.  

Le Case di Dorrie does not mediate in rentals itself, but you could contact our partners at VillainUmbria. 

They can put your house on their website and advertise it for you, take care of the reservations and payments, so you don't have to worry about it!

However, you should bear in mind that you have to comply with some bureaucratic rules first:

1- You must register your property as a holiday rental property (casa vacanze or attività ricettiva extra-alberghiera) with your Municipality, at the SUAPE, to apply for a licence (SCIA). In many municipalities, this can also be done online, but you will need a SPID (an Italian DigiD) and a PEC (an Italian registered email address). 

2- You need to register with the Questura, the Police, to get a password to enter their portal. Through this portal, you need to provide all your guests' details, within 24 hours after arrival.  This is because of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

3- You also have to register with the Regione for the Portale Turismo, where you will get a registration number (which you also have to give to companies like AirBnB, for example) and on this portal you have to report by the 5th of each month how many customers you have had. You must do this even if no one has visited your property at all for a month. The Region collects these data for Statistics: the more tourists there are in the Region, the more subsidy there is for tourism!

4- Furthermore, most municipalities also levy a tourist tax, the Tassa di Soggiorno, which you have to pay every month. This can often be done online.

5- Finally, you need to take out insurance, Assicurazione per Turismo, ask your insurer.

If you rent out in Italy, you also have to pay income tax on it, not in your home country. So you would do well to get an accountant (commercialista) to help you with that. Many commercialista's can also help you register with the various authorities and get you on track.

These are roughly the rules in Umbria. Each Region, and even each Municipality, has its own rules. So always check with your municipality first for information.

If you don't rent officially, you run the risk of high fines. Usually, nothing happens, but if they receive a report, or instructions to combat illegal rentals, the Government can easily see on Google Maps where and by whom the holiday homes are being offered and send the Carabinieri on it.

So register your holiday home legally, to avoid a lot of problems!

In our team we have someone who can help you! For more information: lecasedidorrie@gmail.com

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