Jobs and work opportunities

Jobs and Work Opportunities

Unless you are retiring to Italy you may need to find a source of income.

These are some of the things you can do:

After Sales Team

If you have lived in Italy for a few years and know the language then you can join our After Sales Team. When people move to Italy, or any other country, the first year or so is the most difficult. Not speaking the language well, setting up a new home, adapting to a different culture, and finding shops and services can cause a lot of problems.

Bed and Breakfast

If your house is big enough to provide B&B or self-catering accommodation this can be a good way of making a bit of money, or even a living. You will meet interesting people who speak your language and make many friends. Our holiday section will provide you with the means to advertise your holiday accommodation.

start a camp-site

There are very few camp sites in Italy, so it is difficult and expensive to find one for sale. You could try to make a camp-site on a piece of farmland. According to us this would be a great business opportunity, but be aware of a lot of bureaucracy and be very patient! If the land does not have a tourist destination the Municipality will have to apply its Urban Plans, and this procedure can last 5 years. Especially small towns are interested in having a camp-site and are willing to cooperate, but they depend on higher authorities (Province and Region) We advise anybody who wants to start a camping to buy land with holiday accommodation on it, so you can run a B&B or let houses while waiting for the camp-site permits.

building work

There is a shortage of English speaking builders here in Umbria. However the building techniques here are quite different from, say, the UK and buying tools and materials needs a whole load of new words. Plastering, painting and decorating would be a much more sensible start.  Furthermore there is a shortage of people who could act as interpreter and coordinator between the client and the builders/architects.

Import and Export

Importing products from other countries and exporting such wonderful Italian products as wine, olive oil, cheeses or prosciutto may be a good line to be in.

Internet Work

With the advent of the Internet there are many new opportunities available. Jobs such as writing, editing, designing websites, programming and software work can easily be done over the Internet with email. You may even be able to carry on your present work without your boss even knowing you’ve moved!

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